Correction Products

18638HA 18638HA ValueX Combi Eraser Blue/Red (Pack 40) Traditional two-textured eraser. Correction Products ValueX 26 Stock Available

    ValueX Combi Eraser Blue/Red (Pack 40)

    Product Code: 18638HA
    Product Unit: PK40
    26 Stock Available

    • Soft rubber end and abrasive rubber end
    • Erases lead from paper
    • Gently erase ink from good paper



Traditional two-textured eraser.

Product Details

Code 18638HA
Unit Pack of 40
Brand ValueX
Type Correction Media
Manufacturer Hainenko Limited
Form Erasers
Manufacturer Hainenko Limited
Style Ink & Graphite Eraser
Form Erasers
Colour Pink/Blue