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  • Staedtler Lumocolor Fine Blue 318-3

    Code: 013550
    Pack size: PK10

    Lumocolor guarantees professional and effective presentation on all overhead transparencies. Not just an OHP pen, can be used on most other glossy surfaces. Ventilated caps in accordance with ISO 11540. Refillable. Barrel and cap made from PP for long service life and low environmental impact. No toxic heavy metals such as cadmium or lead-based colouring agents are used for the colouring of plastic. STAEDTLER does not use xylene and toluene as ink ingredients. Dry Safe ink increases product life
  • Staedtler Lumocolor Whiteboard Marker Dry-safe Bullet Tip 2mm Line Blue Ref 351-3 [Pack 10]

    Code: 720934
    Pack size: PK10

    Bullet tip Dry-safe ink can be left uncapped for days without drying up Neutral odour, instant drying, bright colours Supplied in Staedtler stand-up box Blue Line width: 2mm Packed 10
  • Staedtler Textsurfer Classic Highlighter Inkjet-safe Line Width 2.5-4.7mm Blue Ref 3646 [Pack 10]

    Code: 799329
    Pack size: PK10

    Highlighter with large ink reservoir for extra-long highlighting performance Inkjet safe - all colours do not smudge inkjet print-outs Lightfast pigment ink Fast drying Packed 10 Line width: 2.5-4.7mm Blue