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  • 5 Star Absorbent Wipes General Purpose Cleaning Lint Free [Pack 50]

    Code: 907859
    Pack size: Each

    Absorbent wipes for home or office Soft, strong and highly absorbent Use with all other cleaning liquids and foams Will not scratch Size: 200x200mm Packed 50
  • 5 Star Air Duster General Purpose Cleaning 400ml

    Code: 907867
    Pack size: Each

    Compressed gas to remove debris and dirt from hard to reach areas Use on all printers, keyboards and equipment Free extension tube Non-flammable 100% ozone-friendly Size: 400ml
  • 5 Star Anti-static Foam Cleaner General Purpose 400ml Can

    Code: 907832
    Pack size: Each

    Anti-static Foam Cleaner For removing ingrained grease, dirt and dust Suitable for use on plastic casing, hard surfaces and office furniture Pleasant aroma Non-flammable Use with absorbent wipes 400ml Can
  • 5 Star CD and DVD Lens Cleaner

    Code: 917383
    Pack size: Each

    Dual use Will remove contaminants from lens and lessen the risk of read/write errors Multi-lingual audio instructions
  • 5 Star Cleaning Wipes for PC Screens Casings Keyboards [Pack 100]

    Code: 907840
    Pack size: Each

    General purpose pre-moistened wipes Non-hazardous/biodegradable Non-flammable Suitable for use on all screens, casings, keyboards etc Anti-static Skin safe 100 wipes
  • 5 Star Home and Office Computer Cleaning Kit

    Code: 917391
    Pack size: Each

    All you need in one kit to clean keyboards, screens and hard surfaces Non-flammable Anti-static Contains: 200ml invertible air duster; 125ml surface, casing and keyboard cleaner; Keyboard tool; 10 absorbent wipes; 10 wet and dry screen sachets
  • 5 Star NonFlam Airdustr 125ml Invertible

    Code: 938033
    Pack size: Each

  • 5 Star Office Cleaning Tubs [Pack 3]

    Code: 935486
    Pack size: Each

  • 5 Star Screen Cleaning Duo Sachets Pairs of Wet and Dry Wipes [Pack 20x2]

    Code: 907883
    Pack size: Each

    Wet/Dry Sachets Suitable for use on all screens, laptops, and touch screens Helps to reduce eye strain that can cause headaches Non-hazardous Anti-static Skin safe 20 wet and 20 dry wipes packed in a dispenser box
  • 5 Star Screen Cleaning Sachets Anti-static Non-hazardous [Pack 50]

    Code: 907905
    Pack size: Each

    Screen Cleaning Sachets Anti-static and non-hazardous Suitable for use on all screens, laptops and touch screens Biodegradable Quantity 50
  • 5 Star Screen and Keyboard Cleaner Pump Spray Anti-static Non-hazardous 250ml

    Code: 907891
    Pack size: Each

    Screen & Keyboard Cleaner Cleaner in a pump action spray bottle Suitable for use on monitor screens, filters, laptops, touch screens, flat screens and keyboards Non-hazardous Anti-static Size: 250ml
  • 5 Star TFT Screen Cleaner Fluid and Microfibre Cleaning Cloth Soft Optical Quality Blue

    Code: 926163
    Pack size: Each

    Cleaner fluid for use on all screens Soft optical quality microfibre cloth, ideal for screens, PDAs, digital cameras and CDs Size: 30ml
  • 5Star HFC Spray Duster PK2

    Code: 935478
    Pack size: Each

  • AF Card Clene Impregnated Plain Cards Pack of 20 ACCP020

    Code: 869438
    Pack size: Each

    AF Cardclene. Magnetic head cleaning cards impregnated with isopropanol. Suitable for cleaning chip and pin terminals, ATM machines, payment machines and various point of sale equipment.
  • AF Easy Clene Micro Fibre Cloth XMIF001

    Code: 740065
    Pack size: Each

    High quality cloths and wipes for use with the AF range of products on a variety of products. Ideal for glass, mirrors, LCD and TFT monitors, camera equipment, TV screens and laptops. Can be used wet or dry to remove grease, dust and finger marks to leave a sparkling finish.
  • AF Foam Clene Surface Cleaner 300ml AFCL300

    Code: 462806
    Pack size: Each

    AF Foamclene. Anti-static foam cleaner lifts dirt and grease from plastic casings, office furniture, walls etc. Non flammable. Use with Safe Cloths (AFI50080).
  • AF Maxiclene Foam Cleaner MXL400

    Code: 666076
    Pack size: Each

    Maxiclene. Extra powerful foaming cleaner that lifts grease and dirt for general external cleaning of hardware, e.g. plastic casings, office furniture, walls, spot removal on carpets, metals and plastics. Non-flammable. Anti-static properties reduce build-up of dust. Developed for service engineers. Size: 400ml.
  • AF Multiscreen Clene 200ml with Cloth AMCA200_MIF

    Code: 276071
    Pack size: Each

    AF Multi-Screen Clene With Microfibre Cloth. Suitable for delicate plasma technologies and all computer monitor and laptop screens. Also cleans the screens of PSPs, phones and MP3 players. For best results use the Easy-Clene cloth provided.
  • AF PC Clene General Purpose Wipe PCc100

    Code: 462938
    Pack size: Each

    Not suitable for computer screens. 100 general purpose pre-saturated cleaning wipes in a dispensing tub. Suitable for cleaning plastic equipment and casing surfaces - PCs, keyboards and printers. Anti-static, non-flammable. Packed 100.
  • AF PC Foam-Ended Buds Pack of 25 APCB025

    Code: 227224
    Pack size: Each

    AF PC Buds. Plastic spatulas tipped with wide flexible foam heads for cleaning keyboards and slots. Abrasion resistant foam ensures thorough cleaning of surfaces. Flexible head allows easy access. Suitable for keyboards, slots and hard to reach areas.
  • AF PC Starter Kit APCSK000

    Code: 179959
    Pack size: Each

    AF PC Starter Kit APCSK000. A small compact kit for thoroughly cleaning PC cases, CD drives, Keyboards and screens.
  • AF Phone Clene Wipes Tub of 100 APHC100T

    Code: 697666
    Pack size: Each

    AF Phone-Clene Wipes. Anti-bacterial phone cleaner containing strong bactericide. Ideal for hot desking to reduce cross contamination. Proven to kill germs for up to 24 hours. 100 wipes in a resealable tub.
  • AF Safetiss 200 Paper Wipes Sti200

    Code: 462849
    Pack size: Each

    High quality lint-free single-ply paper wipes. Highly absorbent with good wet/dry strength. Supplied in handy dispenser box. 200 wipes.
  • AF Safewipes 230 x 230mm SWI100

    Code: 697682
    Pack size: Each

    High quality cloths and wipes for use with the AF range of products on a variety of products. Ideal for glass, mirrors, LCD and TFT monitors, camera equipment, TV screens and laptops. Non-linting and reusable. 100 percent pure cotton with no additives or brightening agents. Resealable zip-lock bag to prevent contamination. Cut on bias to reduce fraying. Ideal for use with Foamclene and Screen-Clene (sold separately). Size: 230x230mm. 100 Wipes.