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  • Vileda Supermop Bucket and Wringer Blue 138924

    Code: VIL16665
    Pack size: Each

    Vileda Supermop Bucket/Wringer Blue. Highly portable and easy to store, featuring a removable plastic wringer. Part of the coloured coded system."
  • Vileda Telescopic Handle With Assorted Clips 119966

    Code: VIL11574
    Pack size: Each

    Vileda Telescopic Handle with Assorted Clips. Telescopic handles are made of durable high quality aluminium construction, and can be adjusted from 100-180 cm. The handles have an anti-slip top grip to reduce the slipping on walls."
  • Vileda UltraSpeed Telescopic Handle 129618

    Code: VIL13976
    Pack size: Each

    Vileda Telescopic Handle. Handle extendable from 80 to 140 cm, with hook attachment for easy storage. "
  • Wooden Mop Handle 48 in

    Code: CX03050
    Pack size: Each

    Bentley Wooden Mop Handle. Highly durable and absorbent cotton. Galvanised socket. 48in wooden handle available separately.
  • Yellow Exel Revolution 250g Mop Head 103075YL

    Code: CNT02073
    Pack size: Each

    Contico Exel Revolution Mop 250gm. 50/50 blend of bleached cotton and synthetic yarns. Yellow.