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  • HP Ultrium LTO-5 3.0TB Data Cart C7975A

    Code: HPC7975A
    Pack size: Each
  • Hewlett Packard DDS-2 Data Cartridge 120M 4/8Gb C5707A

    Code: 609988
    Pack size: Each
    HP DDS-2 120m 8GB Single Cartridge. High capacity data backup designed to meet the mechanical, environmental and durability demands of today^s computer backup applications. Up to 8GB (compressed capacity) and tested to withstand a minimum of 2000 passes.
  • Hewlett Packard DLT Tape 4000/7000 C5141F

    Code: 468329
    Pack size: Each
    HP 40 GB/80 DL Tape IV Cartridge. Designed for optimum compatibility with HP surestore DLT tape drives and other DLT drives. Up to 80GB compressed capacity and rated for 5000,000 read/write passes.
  • Hewlett Packard Data Cartridge Super DLT Tape C7980A

    Code: 506235
    Pack size: Each
    HP Super DLT Tape Data Cartridges - 220-320GB. Ideally suited for data centre and departmental backups where capacity, performance and cost are critical. SDLT technology offers up to 320GB compressed capacity and a 96MB sustained transfer rate.
  • Hewlett Packard Ultrium Data Cartridge 200Gb C7971A

    Code: 532348
    Pack size: Each
    HP Ultrium Data Cartridge offers up to 200GB (compressed) capacity on a single cartridge. Based on LTO technology and designed to withstand over one million passes and provides an archival storage of thirty years giving exceptional performance.
  • Hewlett Packard [HP] LTO-2 Ultrium Data Tape Cartridge 400GB 609m Ref C7972A

    Code: 506219
    Pack size: Each
    Increases capacity with 200GB native storage on a single Ultrium 2 format cartridge Re-inforced by HP^s unique media testing and qualification process for maximum reliability in back up and restore Supports the latest HP StorageWorks Ultrium 460 tape drive, incorporating new Ultrium 2 format Lowers the cost of ownership for corporate and enterprise data centres with the best cost per GB ratio of any product in its class Improved recognition via unique red cartridge shell to avoid mis
  • Hewlett Packard [HP] LTO4 Ultrium Data Tape Cartridge RW 240 MB/sec 1.6TB Ref C7974A

    Code: 804887
    Pack size: Each
    Highest capacity and performance of any tape technology Smoother base film and smaller magnetic particles for more recorded data in the same amount of tape Increased margin between Early Warning End of Media (EWEOM) and End of Media (EOM) HP warrants Ultrium 1.6 TB RW cartridges for up to 30 years archival life and/or 260 full back ups This ensures businesses can meet the ever increasing demands of regulation for data retention and archiving 240 MB/sec transfer rate Capacity: 8
  • Hewlett Packard [HP] Ultrium Data Cartridge Rewritable 800GB Ref C7973A

    Code: 194273
    Pack size: Each
    Third generation HP Ultrium 800GB RW Data Cartridge offers the highest capacity and best cost per GB of any tape technology available, re-inforced by the HP Brand specification the industry’s most demanding media quality standard Highest capacity and performance of any tape technology - 800 GB capacity and 160 MB/sec transfer rate Smoother basefilm and smaller magnetic particles increase bit density, allowing more data in the same amount of tape This increases the number of recording tr
  • Quantum LTO Cleaning Cartridge

    Code: 171594
    Pack size: Each
  • Sony AIT-2 Data Cartridge 50/100Gb SDX2-50C

    Code: 666777
    Pack size: Each
    AIT- Advanced Intelligent Tape with massive capacity and recording density. Transfer rate is 12MB/s compressed using AIT-2 drives. also features MIC (Memory in Cassette) that allows rapid access to data. AIT-2 50/100GB. Manu ref: SDX2-50CN.
  • Sony LTO/Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge LTXCLN

    Code: 239658
    Pack size: Each
    Sony LTXCLN LTO cleaning cartridge. Keeps your drives and storage media in top condition. Provides 20 cleanings.
  • Sony LTO2/Ultrium2 Data Cartridge 200/400Gb LTX200GN

    Code: 706587
    Pack size: Each
    Ultrium cartridge with LTO-Linear Open Tape - provides high reliability and durability. Can be used in Ultrium drives in both stand alone and automated systems. 100GB native/200GB compressed. Transfer rate of 20-40MB/s. GEN 2 200/400GB.
  • Sony LTO3 Ultrium3 Data Cartridge 400/800Gb LTX400GN

    Code: 194231
    Pack size: Each
    High performance data cartridge with 400GB standard and 800GB compressed storage capacity. This not only accelerates file access, but also markedly speeds up cartridge access in library environments and gives high-density recording with low error rate."
  • Sony LTO4/Ultrium4 Data Cartridge 800/1600Gb LTX800GN

    Code: 368794
    Pack size: Each
    Ultrium tape ideal for data-intensive backup and archiving in network and high-end servers, LTO4 provides a storage capacity of 800GB (native) and a transfer rate of 120MB/s (native)."
  • Sony LTO5 Ultrium Tape Cartridge 1500Gb/3Tb LTX1500GN

    Code: 215288
    Pack size: Each
    Sony LTO5 Ultrium Tape Cartridge. Ultrium tape ideal for data-intensive backup and archiving in network and high-end servers, LTO5 provides a storage capacity of 1.5TB (native). 1500GB/3TB LTX1500GN."