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  • Aircap EL Small Bubble Wrap 1500m x 75m (2 x 750mm)

    Code: 20443
    Pack size: Each

    Provides better cushioning. Longer lasting protection reduced packaging costs and ultimate value. Aircap cushioning bubble wrap 750mm x 75m pack 2.
  • Bubble Film Roll Bubbles of Diam.10mmxH5mm Roll 750mmx75m

    Code: 01470X
    Pack size: Each

    Combines lightness, strength and excellent cushioning properties, for protecting fragile and delicate articles All-purpose wrap, easy to cut, fold and seal Bubbles of 10mm diameter and 5mm deep
  • Bubble Wrap Roll Green 750x75m

    Code: 155432
    Pack size: Each

    All-purpose bubble wrapping Protects fragile and awkward articles Size: 750mmx75m
  • Single Faced Corrugated Roll 750mm x 75m

    Code: 16150
    Pack size: Each

    Traditional paper packaging offering light cushioning and surface protection. Easy to use environmentally friendly economical supplied in various length rolls. Ideal for wrapping products as filling material for packaging for interleaving and as a co