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  • Wedo Focusing Cube Magnifier Wd2717504

    Code: 061829
    Pack size: Each

    Used in print, photography and textile inspection. Gives 8x magnification.
  • Wedo Round Illum Magnifier Wd2717547

    Code: 061802
    Pack size: Each

    Ideal for highlighting small print. Battery operated (batteries not supplied), uses 4 MN1500 (HP7) batteries. Gives 2x (4x through window) magnification.
  • Wedo Round Magnifier 6.35mm Wd2717508

    Code: 061845
    Pack size: Each

    Magnifying glass with one-piece moulded frame and optical quality acrylic lens. Gives 2x (4x through window) magnification. Diameter: 76mm.