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  • 5 Star 25mm Ass Magnets Pk10

    Code: 464033
    Pack size: Each

    Set of round magnets in coloured plastic. Use as planning markers or to hold papers on magnetic boards. Assorted colours. 24mm diameter. Boxed 10.
  • 5 Star 30mm Asstd Magnets Pk10

    Code: 464041
    Pack size: Each

    Set of round magnets in coloured plastic. Use as planning markers or to hold papers on magnetic boards. Assorted colours (2 each of Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Black). 32mm diameter. Boxed 10.
  • 5 Star Adhesive Gridding Tape 3mm

    Code: 938114
    Pack size: Each

  • 5 Star Cleaning Foam 400Ml

    Code: 481390
    Pack size: Each

    Foam. Safe on gridded boards. Removes ghosting, stains and drywipe marker ink. Pleasant aroma. Non-flammable, use with absorbent wipes. Size: 400ml.
  • 5 Star Disposable Drywipe Eraser 449657

    Code: 902428
    Pack size: Each

    Peelable drywipe eraser. Contains 10 layers of cleaning cloth that can be peeled off when dirty to reveal a clean layer.
  • 5 Star Drywipe Starter Kit 449656

    Code: 902053
    Pack size: Each

    Whiteboard accessory kit contains:. Four whiteboard markers: 1 black, 1 red, 1 blue and 1 green. Disposable drywipe eraser. 100ml bottle of whiteboard cleaner.
  • 5 Star Magnetic Planning Kit

    Code: 424437
    Pack size: Each

    Magnetic planning kit for use with magnetic planning and drywipe boards. Easy to apply, can be cut to suit. Contains tiles, tapes, name holders and month and day symbols. Instructions included.
  • 5 Star Magnets 20mm Pk10 Black

    Code: 938675
    Pack size: Each

  • 5 Star Magnets 20mm Pk10 Red

    Code: 938683
    Pack size: Each

  • 5 Star Magnets 20mm Pk20 Blue

    Code: 938677
    Pack size: Each

  • 5 Star Office Colourd Drawing Pins Bx100

    Code: 937106
    Pack size: Each

  • 5 Star Office Round Plastic Covered Magnets 20mm White [Pack 10]

    Code: 938685
    Pack size: Each

  • 5 Star Wet Wipe Tub 100 Sheet

    Code: 465179
    Pack size: Each

    Drywipe Wipes. Pre-moistened biodegradable wipes. Designed to remove drywipe marker ink and ghosting from all boards. Non-hazardous/non-flammable. 100 wipes.
  • 5 Star WhiteBoard Cleaning Fluid 200Ml

    Code: 465152
    Pack size: Each

    Pump Spray. Safe on all boards. Non-hazardous formula. Removes ghosting, drywipe marker ink and soiling on boards. Non-flammable. Use with absorbent wipes. Size: 250ml.
  • AF Interactive Whiteboard Wipes Pack of 100 AWBW100T

    Code: 164741
    Pack size: Each

    AF Interactive Whiteboard Wipes. Impregnated wipes for quick and easy cleaning of interactive white boards. Supplied in a re-sealable tub to keep each wipe fresh and moist.
  • AF Permanent Ink Remove 125ml PIR125

    Code: 731775
    Pack size: Each

    Permanent Ink Remover Spray. Formulated to meet the needs of the education and corporate markets. Powerful cleaning action to remove ink and give boards back their whiteness. Easy removal of permanent marker, pen/biro from white boards and other non-porous surfaces. Use with AF Safecloths for the perfect finish. Size: 125ml.
  • AF White Boardclene Kit AWBlack000

    Code: AFI50517
    Pack size: Each

    AF Whiteboard Clene Kit. A composite kit for the removal of dry ink residues and grease from enamelled or laminated whiteboards. Includes 1 x 125ml solution, 1 x eraser, 5 x cloths, 5 x assorted magnets and 4 x assorted pens.
  • AF Whiteboard Clene Pump Spray 250ml ABCL250

    Code: 740049
    Pack size: Each

    AF Whiteboard Clene. Whiteboard cleaner ideal for removing most types of ink from whiteboard surfaces. Non-flammable with a pleasant lemon fragrance in a 250ml pump spray.
  • Artline Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser Pk 4 Assorted ERTmm4A

    Code: AR00357
    Pack size: Each

    Specially designed magnetic eraser allows easy adhesion to magnetic drywipe boards. Removes all marks made with drywipe markers from your whiteboard.
  • Bi-Office Light-Weight Magnetic Board Eraser AA0105

    Code: BQ53105
    Pack size: Each

    Lightweight magnetic board eraser for magnetic and whiteboard surfaces. Cleans surface to enable re-use time and time again.
  • Bi-Office Whiteboard Cleaner 125ml BC01

    Code: BQ62002
    Pack size: Each

    Whiteboard cleaner cleans and cares for whiteboards, easels and drywipe surfaces. Highly effective removal of ink, dust particles and other stains, leaving no residues. 125ml bottle.
  • Drywipe Eraser Easy Peel 10 Disposable Felt Layers White

    Code: 688061
    Pack size: Each

    Ergonomic design Ten layers of felt so that when one is too dirty to use any longer, it can be peeled away to reveal a new one White
  • Drywipe Eraser Magnetic with Felt Pad

    Code: 28040X
    Pack size: Each

    Slimline eraser features felt pad covering a magnet which will hold the eraser onto any steel surface such as magnetic whiteboards
  • Drywipe Eraser Non Magnetic with Pile Surface

    Code: 153607
    Pack size: Each

    Non-magnetic eraser has pile surface to prevent build-up of ink particles