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  • CEP Pro Gloss Letter Tray Green 200G

    Code: CEP00030
    Pack size: Each

    CEP Pro Gloss Letter Tray Green 200G.Will hold documents up to 240 x 320mm in size.Trays can be easily stacked.Features a cutaway raised section for ease of document retrieval.100% recyclable.
  • CepPro Happy Letter Tray Green

    Code: 106587
    Pack size: Each

    CEP Pro Happy Letter Tray. Holds documents up to 24 x 32cm in size. Stackable and moulded in highly robust material. 100% recyclable. Colour: Green.
  • Glass Clear Letter Tray green CP130YTTGN

    Code: 155308
    Pack size: Each

  • Linicolor Letter Tray Apple Green 11397D

    Code: GH01382
    Pack size: Each

    Letter Tray COMBO 2 Classic. Suitable for A4 documents. Stackable vertically or stepped. Label holders included. Colour: Apple Green.