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  • Q-Connect Whiteboard Permanent Ink Remover 150ml

    Code: KF01974
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect Permanent Ink Stain Remover. A unique formula that will rejuvenate Whiteboards by removing permanent ink, ghosting effects and minor scratches making as new again. 150ml.
  • Q-Connect Whiteboard Surface Cleaner 250ml

    Code: KF04552
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect Whiteboard Cleaner. Removes grease and grime from all hard surfaces and Whiteboards. 250ml.
  • Q-Connect Whiteboard Surface Cleaner 400ml

    Code: KF04504
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect Surface and Whiteboard Foam Cleaner. Restores the appearance of Whiteboards, keyboards, casings, monitors, mice and much more removing ingrained grease and dirt. Do not use on screens. 400ml.