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  • Franken Jumbo Planner and Accessories W2010xH1030mm Ref SJP1990

    Code: 819244
    Pack size: Each

    Ideal for a complex schedule, project and holiday planning with 90 positions Enamelled, scratchproof surface and system frame Accessories supplied: 90 magnetic nameplates (80x10mm), magnetic monthly plates; 10mmx2m coloured magnetic strip, each in red, yellow, light blue and light green; one date indicator; transparent adhesive tape for highlighting weekends and holidays; one tape cutter and four fine markers (drywipe); one each of red, green, blue and black WxH: 2010x1030mm Day Grid
  • Franken Month Planner Magnetic Grid 96x98mm W900xH600mm Ref VO-7

    Code: 207113
    Pack size: Each

    Plan the current month with extra large day fields for important information Plan the following month using the index on the right of the board Magnetic Use with drywipe markers WxH: 900x600mm Day Grid: 96x98mm
  • Franken Multi-Function Planner 600x910mm EU5000GB

    Code: 819189
    Pack size: Each

    Franken Multi-Functional Planner. Five applications in one board. Magnetic board surface, dry or wet wipeable. Includes 1 board marker, 1 fine marker and 3 coloured magnets. Size: 60 x 91cm.
  • Franken Project Year Planner Ref JK753GB

    Code: 819236
    Pack size: Each

    Space for 32 projects covering 53 calendar weeks The ideal overview for project planning and order control with time division covering 53 calendar weeks Individual projects can be listed on the index field with an order number The coloured magnetic strips can show different project steps with squares representing delivery dates The lower part of the board can show a maintenance schedules The date indicator signals the current week offering a clearly arranged forecast of all activi
  • Franken Year Calendar Planner with 2 Markers 3 Magnets Day Grid 57x13mm W900xH600mm Ref JK703GB

    Code: 819163
    Pack size: Each

    Yearly calendar with horizontal fields for simple, handwritten entry of dates and data Magnetic silver anodised aluminium frame that can be written on over and over again Imprinted months and weekdays Supplied with one board marker (drywipe), one fine marker (wet-wipe) and three magnets WxH: 900x600mm Day Grid: 57x13mm