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  • 3M Scotch Super Glue Gel Clear AD125

    Code: 3M94008
    Pack size: Each

    3M Scotch Super Glue Gel Clear. Repair any project with this precise; non clogging super glue. Precision applicator allows for 60% less mess than typical metal tubed super glue.
  • 3M Scotch Super Glue Liquid Clear AD124

    Code: 3M91773
    Pack size: Each

    3M Scotch Super Glue. Liquid. Clear. Repair any project with this precise; non clogging super glue. Precision applicator allows for 60% less mess than typical metal tubed super glue.
  • Bostik All Purpose Adhesive 20ml Clear (Pack of 6) 30813296

    Code: BK00529
    Pack size: Each

    Bostik all purpose clear glue with extra strong, quick drying clear adhesive. Sticks a variety of household materials including porcelain, wood, fabric and card. Ideal for general household repairs and craft uses. 20ml.
  • Bostik Super Glu 3g (Pack of 12) 30813340

    Code: BK00541
    Pack size: Each

    Bostik Super Glue gives a strong bond in seconds. Ideal for sticking china, metals, laminates and much more. - Features a safety collar and fine nozzle for precise application.
  • Copydex Adhesive Blister Pk50ml 260918

    Code: HK1650
    Pack size: Each

    Safe, solvent free and easy to use Copydex bonds are resistant to washing machine cycles, which makes it ideal for repairing clothes Size: 50ml
  • Loctite Hybrid Glue 50g Ref 1567546

    Code: 101755
    Pack size: Each

    The ultimate all-purpose adhesive Water resistant Shock resistant Temperature resistant from -50°C to +80°C Repositionable for up to 5 minutes Transparent and flexible Ideal for leather, wood, metal, stone, glass and most plastics 50g
  • Loctite Super Glue Control 3g 853338

    Code: LO95670
    Pack size: Each

    High tech ergonomic design for ultimate precision. Unique safety dispenser with lift and lock safety cap. Suitable for use on wood, china, metal, rubber, leather and most plastics. 3g.
  • Loctite Super Glue Liquid Tube 3g Ref 80001601

    Code: 569795
    Pack size: Each

    Extra strong liquid formula Self-piercing and unique clog-free cap High performance and instant power
  • Loctite Ultra Control Clear Gel 3gm 1446871

    Code: 101759
    Pack size: Each

    Loctite Superglue ultra control gel. Flexible water resistant extra strong gel formula in an advanced easy to use dispensing system. Ideal for porous, overhead and vertical bonding.
  • Pritt PVA Glue Transparent Washable 135ml Ref 830199

    Code: 101756
    Pack size: Each

    Transparent PVA which is great for all craft activities from making collages to building models Applies and dries clear Safe and solvent free Washable Ideal for paper, card, fabric, wood and many more crafting materials 135ml tube
  • Pritt Stick 11gm Carded White 1456073

    Code: HK47518
    Pack size: PK12

    Pritt Stick 11gm. Adhesive glue stick ideal for sticking paper and card to provide a clean, quick and accurate result.
  • R-Kive System Roll Stor Stand for Rolled Documents Grey-White Ref 01832

    Code: 165094
    Pack size: Each

    Corrugated fibreboard construction with steel reinforcement Keeps up to 20 rolled documents Documents are kept upright for easy retrieval Each compartment is trimmed with plastic Features hand hole in the back for portability Assembled WxDxH: 394x305x559mm Grey/White
  • UHU All Purpose Strong And Safe Adhesive 7gm 39722

    Code: 810605
    Pack size: Each

    UHU All Purpose Strong And Safe Adhesive 7gm 39722.UHU All Purpose Adhesives Super Strong & Safe in the innovative dispensing system, bonds super strong and super fast and is correctable - no instant finger bonding.