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  • Bostik Super Glu 3g (Pack of 12) 30813340

    Code: BK00541
    Pack size: Each

    Bostik Super Glue gives a strong bond in seconds. Ideal for sticking china, metals, laminates and much more. - Features a safety collar and fine nozzle for precise application.
  • Loctite Super Glue Control 3g 853338

    Code: LO95670
    Pack size: Each

    High tech ergonomic design for ultimate precision. Unique safety dispenser with lift and lock safety cap. Suitable for use on wood, china, metal, rubber, leather and most plastics. 3g.
  • Loctite Super Glue Liquid Tube 3g Ref 80001601

    Code: 569795
    Pack size: Each

    Extra strong liquid formula Self-piercing and unique clog-free cap High performance and instant power
  • Loctite Ultra Control Clear Gel 3gm 1446871

    Code: 101759
    Pack size: Each

    Loctite Superglue ultra control gel. Flexible water resistant extra strong gel formula in an advanced easy to use dispensing system. Ideal for porous, overhead and vertical bonding.