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  • 3M PhotoMount Adhesive Spray Can CFC-Free Non-Yellowing 200ml Ref HPMOUNT

    Code: 043029
    Pack size: Each

    Strong, permanent pH neutral aerosol adhesive for mounting photos, maps, illustrations etc Gives time to position before complete bonding takes place Non-yellowing, UV resistant and non-staining CFC-free, recyclable and does not cause ozone depletion 200ml can
  • 3M ReMount Adhesive Repositionable Spray Can CFC-Free 400ml Ref GS200018983

    Code: 569574
    Pack size: Each

    A Post-it® type of adhesive which holds securely but will not give a permanent bond Allows for lifting and mounting numerous times without respraying Ideal for concept boards, mood boards, collages, temporary setting, layouts, project work, temporary notices and pattern formation Clear, non-staining and non-wrinkling CFC-free, recyclable and does not cause ozone depletion 400ml can
  • 3M SprayMount Aerosol Adhesive 200ml

    Code: 38221MM
    Pack size: Each