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  • 5 Star Letter Tray Black

    Code: 295829
    Pack size: Each

    Compatible with all other system trays of this type. Can be stacked using risers (available separately). Made from high-impact polystyrene. Takes A4 and foolscap. WxDxH: 255x367x65mm. Black.
  • 5 Star Letter Tray Self-stacking W260xD345xH64mm 400 Sheets Black

    Code: 908005
    Pack size: Each

    Self-stacking trays accept 400 sheets of paper May be stacked vertically or in a staggered formation Optional risers increase capacity by 50mm WxDxH: 260x345x64mm Black
  • 5 Star Letter Tray Wide Entry High-impact Polystyrene Stackable Black

    Code: 908064
    Pack size: Each

    One tray supplied only Risers not included (available separately) Robust tray made from high-impact polystyrene May be stacked, but also accepts standard metal risers Accepts A4, foolscap and computer printouts WxDxH: 396x275x80mm Black
  • Black Contract Letter Tray

    Code: WX10050A
    Pack size: Each

    Letter Tray - Black.
  • Black Plastic Letter Tray Pk12

    Code: WX10050
    Pack size: PK12

    Letter Tray - Black.
  • CEP Isis Letter Tray Stackable or to Stagger Robust Elegant Moulded Polystyrene Black Ref 2111816

    Code: 716805
    Pack size: Each

    Innovative letter tray with elegant styling Large 500-sheet capacity Trays stackable vertically or staggered Trays can be either stacked vertically or 'stepped' Moulded in highly robust impact-resistant polystyrene Overall WxDxH: 380x275x82mm Black
  • CEP Premier Letter Tray Foolscap W270xD370xH61mm Black Ice Ref

    Code: 913535
    Pack size: Each

    One tray only Risers available separately Accepts A4 and foolscap Can be stacked using Premier risers, not included (available separately) Black Ice
  • Esselte Transit Letter Tray W245xD330xH60mm Black Ref 15657

    Code: 026243
    Pack size: Each

    Esselte Transit Letter Trays Particularly suited where functionality comes before any other consideration Open short side Raised front of tray for easy access Use singly or can be stacked using risers, available separately Made from hard-wearing polystyrene WxDxH: 245x330x60mm Black
  • Exacompta Forever Bk Letter Tray 113014D

    Code: GH01407
    Pack size: Each

    Letter Tray COMBO Ecoblack. Manufactured from recycled fruit juice bottles. Suitable for A4 documents. Robust and stable. Stackable vertically or stepped. Colour: Black.
  • Leitz Plus Slim Letter Tray Black 52370095

    Code: 714326
    Pack size: Each

    Leitz Plus slim letter tray. Robust, stackable tray with sloped front for easy access and document retention. Stores up to 500 sheets of A4 80gsm paper. Can be stacked with standard or jumbo Plus letter trays for flexibility. Colour: Black.
  • Letter Tray Robust Polystyrene High Sided with Extra Label Space Black

    Code: 714342
    Pack size: Each

    Riser sold separately Improved rigidity and strength Regular-sided walls for increased capacity Easy document access via large front cut-out Two subject label positions Sloped front for document retention Stack together or with the varying size options to create the ideal filing system WxDxH: 255x360x70mm Black
  • Mesh Letter Tray 3 Tier Scratch Resistant Stackable Front Load Portrait Foolscap Black

    Code: 288102
    Pack size: Each

    Stylish, modern letter tray, accepts both A4 and foolscap paper Three tier unit is the perfect solution for a modern day office Supplied with non-marking rubber pads Clearance from bottom of top tray to cross-bar is 90mm Clearance between first and second tier and second and third tier is 60mm Black WxDxH: 265x295x350mm
  • Mesh Letter Tray Scratch Resistant Stackable Side Load Landscape Foolscap Black

    Code: 287918
    Pack size: Each

    Modern and stylish letter tray, accepts both A4 and foolscap paper Trays can be stacked on each other without the need for risers Corrosion and scratch-resistant Black WxDxH: 335x245x63mm
  • Q-Connect A4 Black Mesh Letter Tray

    Code: KF00858
    Pack size: Each

    Q-Connect Mesh Letter Tray. Front loading letter tray for A4 documents and folders. Colour: Black.
  • Q-Connect Black 3 Tier Letter Tray

    Code: KF00823
    Pack size: Each

    Q-Connect 3-Tier Letter Tray Black KF00823. Stylish letter tray, accepts A4 and foolscap paper. 3 tier unit. Non-marking rubber pads.
  • Q-Connect Executive Letter Tray Black

    Code: KF05555
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect Executive Letter Tray. High quality letter trays made from impact resistant material. Generous capacity for either A4 or foolscap papers and files. Trays can be stacked using clip-on risers (see KF05565). Colour - Black.
  • Q-Connect Letter Tray Plastic Black

    Code: KF10050
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect Letter Tray. Front loading letter tray, manufactured from high impact polystyrene and compatible with all other system trays of this type. Accepts both A4 and Foolscap papers. Colour - Black.
  • Q-Connect Mesh Letter Sorter Black

    Code: KF00876
    Pack size: Each

    Q-Connect Mesh Letter Sorter. Ideal for storing letters, envelopes and compliment slips. W145 x D900 x H180mm. Colour: Black.
  • Q-Connect Wide Entry Letter Tray Black

    Code: KF21688
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect Wide Entry Letter Tray. Generous capacity ideal for printout, stationery, warehouse and mailroom environments. Self stacking or can be used with risers (see code KF10059). Colour - Black.
  • White Box Letter Tray Black

    Code: 636668
    Pack size: Each