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  • Stabilo Pen 68 Fibre Tip Pen Assorted (Pack of 20) 6820-03

    Code: SS35370
    Pack size: PK20

    Set of Stabilo Pen 68 includes 20 assorted colours in a strong re-usable case. The fibre pens with stable rounded tip can be left open without the cap for up to 24 hours and are filled with an odour-neutral water-based ink.
  • Stabilo Point 68 Fibre Tip Pen Assorted Pack of 10 6810/PL

    Code: 790042
    Pack size: Each

    Stabilo Pen 68. High quality colour intensive fibre pen with stable, push resistant M-tip for even ink application. Features odourless ink, ventilated cap and cap off time of up to 24 hours. Assorted pack of 10 colours. Ideal for children and students.
  • Stabilo Point 88 ColorParade Pack of 20 Assorted 8820-03

    Code: 720819
    Pack size: Each

    Stabilopoint 88 hexagonal fineliner with metal encased tip for long life. Suitable for rulers and stencils. Water based ink. Does not dry out quickly. Ventilated cap. Wallet of 20 assorted colours.
  • Stabilo Point Visco Rollerball Pen Wallet of 10 Assorted 1099/10

    Code: 727042
    Pack size: Each

    Stabilo PointVisco rollerball pens with new gel formula and robust tip moves faster over paper. Ink dries quickly and is smudge proof and blot proof. Also features non-slip grip zone and pocket clip. Assorted wallet of 10 colours.
  • Stabilopoint 88 F/Line Pens 88/10 Pk10

    Code: 500267
    Pack size: Each

    Ideal for details, sketching and scribbling. Water-based, odourless ink with high degree of luminosity. Wallet of 10 assorted colours. Approx. line width: 0.4mm.