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  • 3L Adhesive Pockets A4 Clr Pk50 100093

    Code: 392878
    Pack size: Each
    Clear polypropylene self-adhesive pockets. Place your manuals, documents and summaries where you have use for them. Size: A4. Clear. Quantity 50.
  • 3L Business Card Pockets 10106 Pk10

    Code: 28424X
    Pack size: Each
    Business card pockets made from clear polypropylene to hold most sizes. Ideal way to personalise presentation folders, ring binders and folders. Adhesive will not discolour or crack. Size: 60x95mm. Quantity 10.
  • 3L Handi Pouch S/Seal Crds 66x100 Pk100

    Code: 007998
    Pack size: Each
    Self-sealable plastic pouch for making do-it-yourself plastic identity cards. Protects season tickets, identity cards, business cards, club membership cards, etc. Larger size particularly suitable for bus passes, menu cards and time sheets. Can be cut down if necessary to suit smaller inserts. No sealing equipment required. Size: 66x100mm. Packed 100.
  • 3L Label Holders 55X102mm 10335 Pk6

    Code: 625555
    Pack size: Each
    Self-adhesive polypropylene label holders with replaceable inserts. For quick and easy labelling of ring binders, letter trays, box files, magazine racks etc. Size 55x102mm. Packed 6.
  • 3L S/A Pocket A4 10092 Pk25

    Code: 773513
    Pack size: Each
    Clear polypropylene self-adhesive pockets. Place your manuals, documents and summaries where you have use for them. Size: A4. Packed 25.
  • 5 Star 2018 Staff Planner Mounted

    Code: 938847
    Pack size: Each
  • 5 Star 2018 Staff Planner Unmounted

    Code: 938839
    Pack size: Each
  • 5 Star 2018 Year Planner Mounted

    Code: 938829
    Pack size: Each
  • 5 Star Facilities J-Type Cloth Pk50

    Code: 022632
    Pack size: Each
  • 5 Star Glazed Notice Board 1200X900Mm

    Code: 937645
    Pack size: Each
  • 5 Star Glazed Notice Board 900x600mm

    Code: 937637
    Pack size: Each
  • 5 Star Office Bookends Metal Heavy Duty 224mm Black [Pack 2]

    Code: 930094
    Pack size: Each
  • 5 Star USB Keyboard MB768

    Code: 938588
    Pack size: Each
  • AF CD-Clene flatpack Pk25 AXCDC025P

    Code: 225358
    Pack size: Each
  • AF Cd Lensclene Cd Drive Cleaner Cdl000

    Code: 462830
    Pack size: Each
    To prolong the life of your CD/DVD optical heads and to ensure the integrity of sound and data, AF have developed Lensclene specifically to maintain your machine's performance. Simple and quick to use just follow the sound and screen instructions. CD fitted with micro brushes for cleaning lenses of CD-ROM, CD-R and audio CD drives. Automatic 5 second cleaning cycle. Insert into CD drive as a normal CD.
  • AF Easy Clene Micro Fibre Cloth XMIF001

    Code: 740065
    Pack size: Each
    High quality cloths and wipes for use with the AF range of products on a variety of products. Ideal for glass, mirrors, LCD and TFT monitors, camera equipment, TV screens and laptops. Can be used wet or dry to remove grease, dust and finger marks to leave a sparkling finish.
  • AF Inkjet Printer Cleaning Kit IPK000

    Code: 102334
    Pack size: Each
    AF's specialist products make cleaning office equipment easy and fun with sparkling results. 10 pure cotton wipes to dry and polish. 30ml cleaning fluid. 2 Ultraclene wet/dry sachets. 30ml roller fluid. 6 PC buds and instructions.
  • AF Laptop Clene 10 wet/dry pairs LTC010

    Code: 179967
    Pack size: Each
    Two-sachet system gently removes dust, dirt, smears and residue from soft screens. Cleans TFT LCD, laptops, notebooks, PDAs and touchpads. Non-flammable and anti-static. Non-smearing, cleans dust and dirt from keyboards and casing. Each sheet individually wrapped. Ten pairs of wet/dry wipes in a box.
  • AF Laser and Fax Cleaning Kit LFC000

    Code: 762060
    Pack size: Each
    AF Laser and Fax Cleaning Kit. One Foamclene 87ml. 10 Printclene sheets. 5 Tonerclene cloths. 20 microwipes. Instructions.
  • AF Maxiclene Foam Cleaner MXL400

    Code: 666076
    Pack size: Each
    Maxiclene. Extra powerful foaming cleaner that lifts grease and dirt for general external cleaning of hardware, e.g. plastic casings, office furniture, walls, spot removal on carpets, metals and plastics. Non-flammable. Anti-static properties reduce build-up of dust. Developed for service engineers. Size: 400ml.
  • AF Multifunctional Cleaning Kit MFCK000

    Code: 179941
    Pack size: Each
    Can be used to clean all office equipment including PCs, printers, phones, photocopiers, fax machines, calculators and office furniture. The kit contains:. 100 Safewipes. 50 Computiss. 25 Screen-Clene wipes. 25 Phone-Clene wipes. 300ml Foamclene spray. CD-Lensclene. 125ml invertible Sprayduster.
  • AF PC Clene Flatpack PCC025P

    Code: 175465
    Pack size: Each
    Not suitable for computer screens. AF PC-Clene Wipes. Suitable for cleaning plastic equipment/casing surfaces - PCs, keyboards and printers. Anti-static, non-flammable. Flatpack of 25 Wipes.
  • AF Permanent Ink Remove 125ml PIR125

    Code: 731775
    Pack size: Each
    Permanent Ink Remover Spray. Formulated to meet the needs of the education and corporate markets. Powerful cleaning action to remove ink and give boards back their whiteness. Easy removal of permanent marker, pen/biro from white boards and other non-porous surfaces. Use with AF Safecloths for the perfect finish. Size: 125ml.
  • AF Phone Clene 25 Wipes Phc025P

    Code: 46292X
    Pack size: Each
    Cleans and sanitises telephones. Contains strong antibacterial agent. 25 wipes.
  • AF Screen Protector XSSP000

    Code: 740073
    Pack size: Each
    Anti-static screen protector and cloth to clean and protect your screen. Non-flammable, non-toxic, extremely safe to use. The micro-fibre cloth can be used wet or dry. Size: 25ml.