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HP Hewlett Packard [HP] No. 343 Inkjet Cartridge Page Life 260pp Colour Ref C8766EE-abb

Hewlett Packard [HP] No. 343 Inkjet Cartridge Page Life 260pp Colour Ref C8766EE-abb

HP original ink provides reliable, trouble-free printing with accurate, vivid, fast-drying prints. Printer Supplies#Cartridges GBP 833142
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Product Specification
  • Code833142
  • UnitEach
  • Brand
  • Colour
  • Other Colours
  • Page Life
  • TypeOriginal
  • Compatible PrintersOfficejet 150/Officejet 100/Deskjet 460c/Deskjet 460cb/Deskjet 460wbt/ Deskjet 9800/Deskjet 9800d/Deskjet 6540/Deskjet 6540d/Deskjet 6980/ Deskjet 6940/Deskjet 5740/Deskjet 5940/Deskjet 6840/Deskjet 6620/Officejet H47/Officejet H470b/Officejet H470wbt/Officejet K7100/ Photosmart 8450/Photosmart 8150/Photosmart 8450gp/Photosmart D5160/Officejet 7130/Officejet 7110/PSC 720/PSC 760/Deskjet F4180/ Deskjet F2180/ Photosmart C4280/Photosmart C4380/PSC 1410/Photosmart C7280/Photosmart C6280/PSC 2175/PSC 2510/Photosmart 2610/ Photosmart 2613 /Photosmart 2713/Photosmart 2710/Officejet 7310/Officejet 7310xi/ Officejet 7410xi/Officejet 7410/PSC 1613/PSC 1610/PSC 1315/PSC 1315xi/ PSC 1315v/ PSC 2355/PSC 2355xi/PSC 2355v/Officejet 6210/Officejet 6215 /Photosmart 2575/PSC 1216/Officejet 6310/Officejet 6313/Photosmart C4180/Deskjet F380/Deskjet F335/Deskjet F390/Photosmart C3180/Photosmart C5180/Photosmart C5280/Photosmart 325/Photosmart 375/Photosmart 8750gp/ Photosmart 8750/Photosmart 335/Photosmart 385/Photosmart 422/Photosmart 475/Photosmart 425/Photosmart 428/Photosmart Pro B8350
  • Ink Volume7ml
  • ManufacturerHP
  • Other Enviro DetailsISO/IEC 24711
  • Pack TypeSingle Tri-Colour inkjet cartridge
  • RecyclableYes
  • Warranty12 Months
  • YieldUp to 260 pages
Works with the following
HP Designjet 5740 (OEM)
  Deskjet 460 (OEM)
  Deskjet 460c (OEM)
  Deskjet 460cb (OEM)
  Deskjet 460wbt (OEM)
  Deskjet 5740 (OEM)
  Deskjet 5743 (OEM)
  Deskjet 5745 (OEM)
  Deskjet 5748 (OEM)
  Deskjet 5940 (OEM)
  Deskjet 6520 (OEM)
  Deskjet 6540 Series (OEM)
  Deskjet 6620 (OEM)
  Deskjet 6840 (OEM)
  Deskjet 6940 (OEM)
  Deskjet 6980 (OEM)
  Deskjet 9800 series (OEM)
  Officejet 100 Mobile (OEM)
  Officejet 150 Mobile All in One (OEM)
  Officejet 6200 (OEM)
  Officejet 6203 (OEM)
  Officejet 6205 (OEM)
  Officejet 6210 (OEM)
  Officejet 6213 (OEM)
  Officejet 6215 (OEM)
  Officejet 6310 (OEM)
  Officejet 6313 (OEM)
  Officejet 6315 (OEM)
  Officejet 7110 (OEM)
  Officejet 7130 (OEM)
  Officejet 7205 (OEM)
  Officejet 7208 (OEM)
  Officejet 7210 (OEM)
  Officejet 7210v (OEM)
  Officejet 7213 (OEM)
  Officejet 7215 (OEM)
  Officejet 7310 (OEM)
  Officejet 7313 (OEM)
  Officejet 7408 (OEM)
  Officejet 7410 (OEM)
  Officejet 7413 (OEM)
  Officejet H470 (OEM)
  Officejet H470b (OEM)
  Officejet H470wbt (OEM)
  Officejet Pro K7100 (OEM)
  Photosmart 2570 Series (OEM)
  Photosmart 2575 (OEM)
  Photosmart 2610 (OEM)
  Photosmart 2613 (OEM)
  Photosmart 2710 (OEM)
  Photosmart 2713 (OEM)
  Photosmart 325 (OEM)
  Photosmart 335 (OEM)
  Photosmart 375 (OEM)
  Photosmart 385 (OEM)
  Photosmart 420 Series (OEM)
  Photosmart 422 (OEM)
  Photosmart 428 (OEM)
  Photosmart 475 (OEM)
  Photosmart 7830 (OEM)
  Photosmart 7838 (OEM)
  Photosmart 7850 (OEM)
  Photosmart 8049 (OEM)
  Photosmart 8050 (OEM)
  Photosmart 8150 (OEM)
  Photosmart 8450 (OEM)
  Photosmart 8450gp (OEM)
  Photosmart 8750 (OEM)
  Photosmart 8750gp (OEM)
  Photosmart 8753 (OEM)
  Photosmart 8758 (OEM)
  Photosmart C3170 (OEM)
  Photosmart C3175 (OEM)
  Photosmart C3180 (OEM)
  Photosmart C3190 (OEM)
  Photosmart C3194 (OEM)
  Photosmart C4170 (OEM)
  Photosmart C4173 (OEM)
  Photosmart C4180 (OEM)
  Photosmart C4190 (OEM)
  Photosmart D5160 (OEM)
  Photosmart Pro B8350 (OEM)
  Photosmart Pro B8353 (OEM)
  PSC 1500 Series (OEM)
  PSC 1507 (OEM)
  PSC 1600 Series (OEM)
  PSC 1613 (OEM)
  PSC 2300 Series (OEM)
  PSC 2350 (OEM)