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  • Casio Pocket Calculator 10-digit SL-210TE-W-GH

    Code: 087676
    Pack size: Each

    Casio SL210 dual powered 10 digit calculator with large easy to read 10 digit display. 3 memory keys. Tilt display. Tax and currency conversion function. Clamshell integrated case.
  • Casio Pocket Calculator 12-digit SL-320TER-S-GH

    Code: 664695
    Pack size: Each

    Casio SL-320TER pocket calculator. Dual powered 12 digit calculator with currency conversion, tax calculations, profit margin %, Euro conversion,, sign change, function command signs, 4 constants, 3 key memory and auto power off.
  • Casio Pocket Calculator 8-digit SL-300V-S-GH

    Code: 354865
    Pack size: Each

    Casio SL-300V pocket calculator with large 8 digit display, non stick plastic keys, 3 key memory, profit margin %, sign change, square root, auto power off, 4 constants, 4 key memory and 3 digit comma marker.
  • Casio Pocket Calculator SL-305ECO-W-EH

    Code: 226936
    Pack size: Each

    Casio SL-305ECO 8 digit dual powered pocket calculator. Features percentage and tax calculations, 3 currency conversion memories, independent memory, key roll-over, 3 digit comma markers and plus/minus sign change key.