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  • Casio Desktop Calculator JF-120ECO-W-EH

    Code: 226944
    Pack size: Each

    Casio JF-120ECO 12 digit dual powered calculator. Features percentage and tax calculation, key roll-over, currency conversions, independent memory, 3 digit comma markers, rapid correction key, plus/minus sign change and rounding selector.
  • Casio Desktop Calculator DJ-120D PLUS

    Code: CS18596
    Pack size: Each

    Casio DJ-120TG desktop calculator with 12 digits. Features dual power, tax calculations, key rollover, calculation check, profit margins and grand total key.
  • CS 12-digit Landscape Basic Function Calc. White.

    Code: CS09131
    Pack size: Each

  • Casio Printing Calculator Black FR-620TEC-E-EH

    Code: CS17851
    Pack size: Each

    Heavy duty mains powered 12 digit fast printing calculator - 3.5 lines/sec with 2 colour printing, add mode, 3 Euro conversion rates, tax calculations, 4 key memory, 3 digit comma marker, 2 constants (F,CUT, 5/4) rounding selector and mark-up/down key.