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  • Casio Financial Calculator 12-Digit Silver FC-100V-UM

    Code: CS16701
    Pack size: Each

    Financial calculator with a 4 line display. Extremely easy to use to work out interest payments, debt, mortgages, savings etc . Also has as all normal calculator features plus Logs, trig/inverse trig, statistics, random number generator etc
  • Sharp ELW531T Scientific Calculator Black

    Code: 74943MV
    Pack size: Each

  • Sharp WriteView Calculator Scientific Battery-power 4-line 335 Functions 2-key Rollover Ref ELW531B

    Code: 08731X
    Pack size: Each

    WriteView ELW531B Scientific Calculator Scientific calculator 4-line display 3-digit punctuation 335 functions and 2 key rollover Logs any base Deg-Rad-Grad Deg-Min-Sec Logs Base E Base 10 Variable statistics Regression models Statistics graphs Advanced statistics tests Set decimal place Trigometric functions Hyperbolics Factorials Random numbers Direct algebraic logic Percentage key Change sign (+/-) Battery-operated. Replacement ba