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  • Kleenex Antibac Antiseptic Hand Cleanser

    Code: KC01877
    Pack size: PK6

    Anti-bacterial hand cleanser for keeping hands clean and germ free. 1 litre.
  • Kleenex Foam Sanitiser 480ml Pk 12 6351

    Code: 314416
    Pack size: Each

    Instant Hand Sanitiser Fast acting Non-alcohol based hand sanitiser Clear 480ml cartridge
  • Kleenex Freq Hand Clean Unperfumed 1Ltr

    Code: KC00224
    Pack size: PK6

    Kleenex Frequent Use Hand Cleanser that contains no dyes or fragrance, specially formulated to reduce the risk of allergies. For use with the Kleenex Dispenser (see KC01180).
  • Kleenex Hand and Surface Sanitising Wipes Sheet Size 178x220mm Tub Ref 7784 [50 Wipes]

    Code: KC50421
    Pack size: Each

    Instant skin sanitiser Starts working immediately against many common organisms in as little as 30 seconds, reducing populations by up to 99.999%. Antibacterial EN1500, EN1276, EN13697, Fungicidal EN1650, EN13698 Allows for a wider range of applications where a product containing alcohol is not appropriate Formulated to prevent residual odours and dyes on the hands after use Does not taint food Tub of 50
  • Kleenex Luxury Foam Hand Sanitiser Non Alcohol Pump Bottle 50ml Ref 6350

    Code: 101676
    Pack size: Each

    Works rapidly against many common micro-organisms in as little as 30 seconds Kills up to 99.999% of common bacteria Fast drying, leaving hands with no sticky after feel Sanitises hands without water and without irritating or drying the skin Ideal for applications where alcohol can^t be used Pocket sized bottle Size: 50ml
  • Kleenex Moisturising Sanitiser 480ml P12

    Code: KC04107
    Pack size: Each

    Moisturising formulation including Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Alcohol based gel. Kills up to 99.999% of common micro - organisms that cause infection. 480ml. Bracket fits 480ml containers.