Fire Extinguishers

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  • Fire Extinguisher AFFF Foam 6Ls XTS6

    Code: FM48334
    Pack size: Each

    A stored pressure refillable fire extinguisher containing AFFF foam which is supplied filled and ready to use. When applied to a fire it discharges a jet of foam which forms a film on the surface of the fire. For paper, oil, and fat. 6 litre.
  • IVG Firechief Fire Extinguisher Foam for Class A and B 2 Litres Ref IVGS2.OLTF

    Code: 137769
    Pack size: Each

    Environmentally friendly, recyclable and refillable extinguishers Water based aqueous film forming foam with spray action which blankets the surface of the fire Suitable for A and B category fires Effective on fires involving solids containing carbonaceous materials like paper, wood, straw and textiles; safe for flammable liquids including petrol, oil and fat Not suitable for gaseous fires or fires involving live electrical equipment (but may be used on 12 24 volt vehicles)