Fire Extinguishers

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  • Fire Extinguisher Carbon Dioxide 2 kg XC2A

    Code: FM29264
    Pack size: Each

    Safe for use on fires involving live Electrical equipment including computers. The CO2 gas extinguishes fires without creating water damage. Harmless to valuable Electrical computer equipment. Good on small fires involving petrol, oil, fats and solvents.
  • IVG Firechief Fire Extinguisher CO2 for Class A and B and E 2kg Ref IVGS2.0KCO2

    Code: 137646
    Pack size: Each

    CO2 non toxic gas puts out fires without creating water damage Suitable for A, B and E categories Effective on fires involving solids containing carbonaceous materials like paper, wood, straw or textiles; safe for flammable liquids including petrol, oil, fat and fires involving live electrical equipment Not suitable for gaseous fires