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  • Imation 4mm Data Cartridge DAT-72 170m 36/72Gb i17204

    Code: 127535
    Pack size: Each

    4mm data cartridge with full automation for backing up the largest servers or networks. Compatible with DAT DDS1 and DAT DDS2 formats. DAT72 36/72GB.
  • Imation Data Cartridge 4mm 20/40Gb DDS-4 150m i40963

    Code: 524024
    Pack size: Each

    3M 4mm Data Tape with a 20GB memory. Full automation for backing up the largest servers or networks.
  • Imation LTO2/Ultrium2 200/400Gb Data Cartridge i16598

    Code: 733121
    Pack size: Each

    LTO2 Ultrium cartridge designed to meet the ever-increasing capacity, performance and reliability demands of back up data. Up 400GB capacity in a single compact cartridge. 20-40MB/second transfer rate. Read-While-Write (RWW) capability.
  • Imation LTO3/Ultrium3 400/800Gb Data Cartridge i17532

    Code: 194281
    Pack size: Each

    Next-generation Ultrium Data Cartridges combine the advantages of linear multi-channel bi-directional formats with enhancements in servo technology. The result is outstanding performance and twice the capacity of LTO 2 cartridges.
  • Imation LTO4/Ultrium4 800Gb/1.6Tb Data Cartridge i26592

    Code: 770843
    Pack size: Each

    Imation LTO4/Ultrium 800GB/1600GB tape cartridge combine the advantages of linear, multi-channel, bi-directional formats with enhancements in servo technology, data compression, track layout and error correction.
  • Imation LTO5/Ultrium5 Data Cartridge i27672

    Code: 3M27672
    Pack size: Each

    Imation Ultrium LTO 5 Tape Cartridge. High capacity data storage with 1.5 TB native capacity (3.0 TB compressed) and 280 MB/sec transfer rate. Compatible with LTO 5 drives only. OEM: i27672.
  • Imation TR5 Travan Data Cartridge 10/20Gb NS20 12115

    Code: 3M12115
    Pack size: Each

    Imation Travan Data Cartridge - 20GB. Affordable high capacity data storage for PC and mid range systems. Allows unattended, automated network back-up. 2:1 hardware compression doubles total capacity. 8GB cartridge shown.