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  • Q-Connect Correction Fluid 20ml

    Code: KF10507Q
    Pack size: PK10

    Q Connect correction Fluid. White multi-purpose fluid covers up type, ink faxes, photocopies etc. Will not flake, chip or peel and dries smooth in seconds. 20ml bottle.
  • Q-Connect Correction Pen

    Code: KF00271
    Pack size: PK10

    Stylish pen shaped corrector with fine metal tip. Squeezable body to control the flow. Contains 8ml of fluid. Covers evenly and smoothly.
  • Q-Connect Correction Roller White

    Code: KF01593Q
    Pack size: PK12

    Q Connect correction roller produces a clean, quick and precise correction. Transparent case indicates when the tape is low. Unique tensioning button tightens the tape. 5mm x 8m.
  • Q-Connect Eraser White PVC

    Code: KF00236
    Pack size: PK20

    Premium quality sleeved plastic eraser erases graphite from paper without tearing or smudging. 60 x 22 x 11mm.
  • Q-Connect Mini Correction Roller Pack of 24

    Code: KF02131
    Pack size: Each

    Handy sized Mini correction Roller for quick coverage. Dry correction. clean, quick and precise. Can be written on instantly. No shadows. Disposable cartridge. 4.2mm x 5m.