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  • Blue Stockinette Dish Cloths Pk 10

    Code: 106769
    Pack size: Each

    Suitable for various cleaning tasks 100% Cotton Machine Washable Can also be boiled or bleached Colour coded hemmed edges Good overall performance
  • Dish Drainer Plastic for Standard Draining Boards Silver

    Code: 272003
    Pack size: Each

    Durable drainer provides a convenient and hygienic way to air dry crockery and cutlery Fits all standard draining boards Dishwasher friendly
  • Heavy Duty Flat Scourer Twinpack [Pack 6]

    Code: 189329
    Pack size: Each

    Heavy-duty Flat Scourer Cleans tough baked-on messes Makes tough jobs fast and easy Can be used on heavy-duty jobs such as cast iron pots, stove burners, garden tools and other household items Perfect on grills, pots, pans and ovens Quantity 12 [made up of 6 packs of 2]
  • Sponge Cloths Cellulose Assorted [Pack 18]

    Code: 174982
    Pack size: Each

    Cellulose Sponge Cloths Assorted colours Quantity 18
  • Sponge Scourer High Quality Non Scratch Blue [Pack 10]

    Code: 258930
    Pack size: Each

    A specially designed scourer that cleans without scratching High quality sponge that makes wiping down and drying very fast Ideal for cleaning non-stick cookware, glass or other delicate surface cookware Blue colour makes it easy to identify as non-scratch Packed 10
  • White Box Washing Up Liquid 550ml Pk2

    Code: WX00565
    Pack size: PK2

    White Box Washing Up Liquid 650ml. Blue.