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  • 3M Scotchbrite Easy Eraser Pad Pk 2 70005023844

    Code: 3M97903
    Pack size: Each

    Quickly and easily remove crayon, pen, scuff marks and hard water stains No chemicals needed Just add water, squeeze out the excess and they are ready to clean Packed 2
  • 3M Scotchbrite Kitchen Cloth Pk 2 GN030122313

    Code: 3M97497
    Pack size: Each

    Absorbs up to 50% more than ordinary dishcloth Cleans kitchen surfaces, hobs and sinks effectively Dries quickly, rinses and wrings easily Use wet or dry Washable up to 50 times at 95°C Use with or without chemicals Each cloth measures 300x320mm Packed 2
  • Washing Up Pad Scourer and Sponge [Pack 10]

    Code: 661532
    Pack size: Each

    Washing-up Pads Heavy-duty scourer which easily shifts grease and burned-on food Made with high quality foam sponge which is ideal for wiping and drying surfaces quickly Not suitable for non-stick cookware Very long-lasting sponge scourer Quantity 10