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  • 5 Star Office Highlighter Green

    Code: 296263
    Pack size: PK12

    Highlighters. Chisel tip with pocket clip on cap. Water-based. Line width: 1-4mm. Colour Green. Packed 12.
  • Green Hi-Glo Highlighter (Pack of 10) 844004

    Code: WX01113
    Pack size: PK10

    NP Highlighter Green
  • Green Highlighter Pens (Pack of 10)

    Code: WX93202
    Pack size: PK10

    WB Pen Style Green Highlighters.
  • Q-Connect Highlighter Pen Green

    Code: KF01113
    Pack size: PK10

    Q Connect Highlighter Pen. Bright fluorescent colours for highlighting important words etc. The chisel tip draws both broad lines for highlighting or narrow lines for underlining. Suitable for most papers and will not fade on fax paper. Colour - Green.
  • Sharpie Fluo XL Green Hler 1825657

    Code: 102534
    Pack size: PK12

    Innovative 3 blade tip (0.75mm, 2.5mm and 5mm widths all in one pen) to maximise usage potential Effective writing and underlining and thin and thick highlighting can be completed with the use of just one pen! No smear ink technology - will resist smearing most inks incuding: ball pen, felt pen, fountain pen, gel pen, marker, ink jet, roller and Sharpie pen Bright, quick drying Ink Flat oval design - pen will not roll on desk Easy to clip to pocket Can be used on most paper
  • Stabilo Boss Green 70/33/10

    Code: 016077
    Pack size: PK10

    The original highlighter with the distinctive shape and high long lasting fluorescence. Line width: 2-5mm.
  • Staedtler Textsurfer Classic Highlighter Inkjet-safe Line Width 2.5-4.7mm Green Ref 3645 [Pack 10]

    Code: 798112
    Pack size: PK10

    Highlighter with large ink reservoir for extra-long highlighting performance Inkjet safe - all colours do not smudge inkjet print-outs Lightfast pigment ink Fast drying Packed 10 Line width: 2.5-4.7mm Green
  • invo Liquid Ink Hlighter Grn HX100400Gn

    Code: 107306
    Pack size: PK12

    Fluorescent colour highlighter with chisel nib Provide wide and narrow lines when needed Quick drying and odorless