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  • 5 Star Office Highlighter Yellow

    Code: 296247
    Pack size: PK12

    Chisel tip with pocket clip on cap. Water-based ink. Line width: 1-4mm. Yellow. Packed 12.
  • Britliner Grip Yellow Highlighter

    Code: 128909
    Pack size: PK12

  • Edding 24 Yellow Recycled Highlighter Pen 24-005

    Code: ED91761
    Pack size: PK10

    Edding 24 recycled highlighter with water based lightfast ink with brilliant neon colours. Chisel tipped for broad lines for highlighting and narrow lines for underlining. 70% of barrel made from a renewable source. Suitable for all types of paper. Yellow
  • Ergo Bright Highlighter Assorted Pack of 4

    Code: JN69980
    Pack size: Each

    Ergo Bright Highlighter Assorted Pack of 4 JN69980
  • Ergo-Brite Yellow Ergo Highlighters Pk10

    Code: JN69979
    Pack size: PK10

    Ergo Bright Highlighter Yellow JN69979
  • Q-Connect Highlighter Pen Yellow

    Code: KF01111
    Pack size: PK10

    Q Connect Highlighter Pen. Bright fluorescent colours for highlighting important words etc. The chisel tip draws both broad lines for highlighting or narrow lines for underlining. Suitable for most papers and will not fade on fax paper. Colour - Yellow.
  • Q-Connect Liquid Ink Highlighter Yellow

    Code: KF00395
    Pack size: PK12

    Q Connect highlighter pen. Ideal for highlighting important points on paper. Colour: Yellow.
  • Sharpie Fluo XL Yllw Hler 1825634

    Code: 102531
    Pack size: PK12

    Innovative 3 blade tip (0.75mm, 2.5mm and 5mm widths all in one pen) to maximise usage potential Effective writing and underlining and thin and thick highlighting can be completed with the use of just one pen! No smear ink technology - will resist smearing most inks incuding: ball pen, felt pen, fountain pen, gel pen, marker, ink jet, roller and Sharpie pen Bright, quick drying Ink Flat oval design - pen will not roll on desk Easy to clip to pocket Can be used on most paper
  • Stabilo Boss Highlighter Pen Yellow Single Blister Pack B-10129

    Code: SS19236
    Pack size: PK10

    Stabilo Boss, brand leading fluorescent marker with universal ink for use on most papers including fax and NCR paper. Now with 30% longer writing length and increased cap-off time. Cleanly and easily refillable using refill tubes. Yellow.
  • Stabilo Boss Luminator Yellow 71/24

    Code: 494555
    Pack size: PK5

    Unique patented construction allows it to hold double the ink volume of other liquid ink highlighters.
  • Stabilo Boss Yellow 70/24/10

    Code: 016069
    Pack size: PK10

    The original highlighter with the distinctive shape and high long lasting fluorescence. Line width: 2-5mm.
  • Stabilo Navigator Highlighter Pen Yellow 545/24

    Code: 782543
    Pack size: PK10

    Stabilo Navigator highlighter. Compact pen-style highlighter with pocket clip. High quality tip and ink. Constant long-lasting ink flow down to the last drop. Yellow.
  • Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighter Pen Yellow 275/24

    Code: 023875
    Pack size: PK10

    Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters are economy fluorescent marker in trendy translucent colours. Features a wedge shaped tip, pocket clip with an easy to hold design. Colour - Yellow.
  • Staedtler Textsurfer Hler Yellow 3641

    Code: 798081
    Pack size: PK10

    Highlighter with large ink reservoir for extra-long highlighting performance. Inkjet safe - all colours do not smudge inkjet print-outs. Lightfast pigment ink. Fast drying. Packed 10. Line width: 2.5-4.7mm. Yellow.
  • White Box Highlighters Yellow [Pack 10]

    Code: 638418
    Pack size: PK10

  • Yellow Hi-Glo Highlighter Pen (Pack of 10) HI2717 819111

    Code: WX01111
    Pack size: PK10

    NP Highlighter Yellow
  • Yellow Highlighter Pens - Pk10

    Code: WX93203
    Pack size: PK10

    WB Pen Style Yellow Highlighters.